BointMe is your new marketeer, your tool to showcase your business and post articles that’ll be seen by wide variety of people. We will provide you with new leads, better visibility of your business and geolocation for your establishments. We are adding additional features around the clock, so your customers will soon be able to read news about your business, join events you’re organizing, buy tickets, coupons and more.

Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Your Business Easier.

We are successful only as much as you and your business. The more features we include and the more BointMe is interesting to visitors, more people your venue will get and more leads you’ll be able to generate.

BointMe already comes packed with a lot of features interesting for a visitor. First of all, BointMe uses english language but it’s created and manteined in the Balkans. Why you may ask – answer is very simple, we want to attract tourists from all around the world to visit countries of the Balkans. Presenting your business in language they are familiar with is much simpler than in our native languages.

Making it easy to purchase products, vouchers or grabbing coupons for use at your business, adding events and news to BointMe will further attract their attention. We are creating this features so that you can easily covert visitor to lead and lead to customer, no matter what industry your business is part of.

We are Serving Your Community.

BointMe is just a beginning of your journey. Every post, every event, every business listed on BointMe and even every photo is part of much larger picture. BointMe automatically share your content on our social networks and with that reaching much larger circle of possible customers.

We are planning on creating offers by connecting you with other businesses near your location, so that offer for customer is better and more attractive (e.g. combining restaurants, hotels, bars, spas in to one package).

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