Add and Edit Venue

What picture sizes and types can I upload?
Using Geo Location and how do I enter the right business address?
How long should description of my business be?
I don’t have english description of my business, what should I do?
I can not find the right category for my venue, what can I do?
How much time do you need to confirm my Venue?


What payment options are supported?
How do I pay with Credit Card?
Is there any different way to pay?
Can I pay for subscription yearly?
What Credit Cards are accepted on BointMe?

Plans and Packages

Do I need a Package to just use this website?
What to do if no package is the right one for my business?
I would like to have different packages for different Venues.
What is included in Small packages?
What is the difference between Business and Business+ packages?

Searching and Map

How do I search for Venues near me?
Some listings are not shown on map.
What is Geo Location and how do I use it?
Is there a way to use navigation with BointMe?
Can I search by the city or country of Venues?
How do I search Venues by category?
How can I filter Venues by Tags?

Additional features

Bookmark your favorite Venues.
Review and evaluate Venues.
Can I use Alerts to get new Venues in my inbox?


What are advertisement options on BointMe?
Does BointMe support banners?
Is there a way to publish events on BointMe?
Posting on BointMe blog.


Can I work for BointMe?
What is BointMe Affiliate Program and how does it work?
Where do I sign up for Affiliate program?
Can I create my own group of Affiliates?

Additional features for venues

Add Posts and Events to BointMe blog.
How long till my Post or Event is reviewed and published?
Can I sell my businesses products on BointMe?
Can I offer special promotions for BointMe users?
Is there a way to sell Vouchers on BointMe?
Can users Book a table, room, time at my business?

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